The Douglas Redd Summit

Each year, Ashé Cultural Arts Center (Ashé) presents the Douglas Redd Cultural Summit, inspired by the legacy of Douglas Redd (1947-2007), an iconic visual artist who was co-founder and artistic director of Ashé.  The Summit targets local cultural workers, artists in all disciplines and their supporters.

It is an important step in engaging the local arts community to participate in the growing cultural movement and economy that is emerging in New Orleans. “In Douglas Redd’s memory, many of us have decided to come together to make sure New Orleans rebuilds with a sense, regard and consideration for retaining its healing and generative culture, heritage and soul,” said Luther Gray, a Douglas Redd Fellow and coordinator of the annual Summit.

Sponsored by Efforts of Grace, Inc., it is free and open to the public.



Born in Baton Rouge, Douglas Redd was a groundbreaking artist who lived in New Orleans. He died on July 18, 2007.  Redd was accomplished in graphic arts, sculpture, wood cuts and jewelry making.  The self-proclaimed guardian of cultural symbols established Redd House in 1993, and produced a wide range of creative, customized graphic art and design work.  From 1977 to 2001 Redd was the design artist for the Congo Square Area of the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, and in 1995 he was commissioned to design the logo for the Essence Music Festival. 

Perhaps Redd’s most important work was a series of five installations known as “Efforts of Grace.” Celebrating the indomitable spirit of Africans and African Americans, the works were given a Cultural Olympiad Recognition Award and made part of the 1996 Olympics. In 1998, along with planner, writer and community activist Carol Bebelle, Redd founded and established the Ashé Cultural Arts Center in New Orleans. Redd served as associate and artistic director for the center until his death.