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Heroes and Yarns

  • Central City Library 2405 Jackson Avenue, Bldg. C New Orleans, LA 70113 USA (map)

Presented by: Ashé Cultural Arts Center and the Midlo Center

Exhibition Dates: December 6, 2018--January 10, 2019 

Central City Library, 2405 Jackson Avenue, Bldg. C

Free and open to the public

The Movers and Groovers of Central City have stories to tell-stories about people that inspire them.  The Heroes and Yarnsexhibition reflects on their personal inspirations and includes visual art and video.

Heroes:  The Movers and Groovers were asked to create work about someone they consider a hero.  A hero could be someone they know personally or someone they admire from afar.  

YarnsThey share family hierlooms that are carried in their hearts.  Yarns are videos developed as part of Making New Orleans Home.  The videos, Yarns, are a way for the elders to share what they carry with them-what was handed down to them from their families. The stories the elders share in Yarns will be included in Making New Orleans Home, a project of the Midlo Center and the Tenement Museum. 

More about Making New Orleans Home: Making New Orleans Home tells the personal stories of the generations of newcomers who settled in and built lives in New Orleans. Some came searching for adventure, some were brought here against their will, some came escaping wars and oppression, some arrived looking for a better life for their families.  They all faced challenges we understand today: making a new life, working for a better future, starting a family with limited means. They all brought something with them from their old homes - objects, stories, foodways, beliefs.  These precious belongings were passed down and became the cultural relics upon which our city was built.

This project uncovers the patterns that bind us, no matter where we came from or how long we've been here. Explore stories by clicking on objects, upload an object that carries meaning in your own family history, and join us in telling the story of how people from all corners of the globe made New Orleans home.