Ashé Cultural Arts Center offers a variety of creative offerings for K-12 graders. We are also available to setup tables, booths and hold classroom discussions as part of our outreach initiatives.

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Here is a list of our current offerings:


Origin Of Life On Earth: An African Creation Myth
Written By: Dr. David Anderson


This dance/theater adaptation is based on the legend of how Earth and the first people were created, according to Yoruba Culture of West Africa. The stories were handed down to the author as they were retold by his ancestors. This creation story connects the African Diaspora and the arrival of West Africans to New Orleans and their legacy in New Orleans culture and tradition. The production uses the concept of the griot (storytelland combine spoken word (Vorchestra) with imagesing) presented from dancers and film, accompanied by the songs of musicians and vocalists.



13 Lessons

13 lesson-small

13 Lessons is a story theater work presented in episodes which are taken from oral histories and first person testimonials of those caught in the circumstances of illiteracy and those committed to working to help them obtain improved literacy skills. The 13 Lessons introduces and explores for the audience the issues, tensions and ironies of people who are part of the adult literacy drama in our communities. It actively calls audiences to accept the mantra that “something must be done.”


The Big Bad Old Ugly Mean Green Drug Bug


In the town of  Goodville, all the citizens are good, honest, healthy people who love one

another and live in peace and harmony. Suddenly they all get sick. The doctor of Goodville, Dr. DoGood invents the Good Drug Bug to help them get well. But because of mis-use and abuse, the Good Drug Bug turns into the Big Bad Old Ugly Mean Green Drug Bug, and the trouble begins. The play uses the fantasy world of children to make a profound statement on today's current drug problem.






Storytelling captures the interest of listeners of all ages, engaging the imagination and guiding audiences through dynamic retellings of both traditional tales and original stories. Our storytellers have enlivened your people for years. Some of these stories are designed to share lessons, strengthen values, create laughter, or provoke thought.


The Imagination Tour


This 45-60 minute drum and dance workshop transports students from New Orleans to Africa, South America and the Caribbean using their imaginations, African drums, costumes and dances. The Imagination Tour is perfect for student from kindergarten through high school. We even get the teachers involved!

Students are transposed into dancers and are dressed in African clothing while they learn dances from such places as Liberia, Senegal, the Congo, Brazil and Jamaica. They learn how these places have shaped the culture and traditions of New Orleans and Louisiana.